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Cancer Healing Prayers & Information


"GodCare" Prayers for Healing of Cancer,   
Insights &  Information on Cancer Healing !

These prayers and insights are the results of intercession  for more revelation
on cancer and learning constantly from praying and interviewing  many people
with cancer over the years in the Divine Healing Rooms Ministry
and since then in various places in the world.

Many years of experience ( 10+ )  in praying and interviewing cancer patients
and their families or friends have confirmed to us over and over again,  
the truth of these insights given by the 
Holy Spirit to help God's people overcome cancer.  

These Scriptures, prayers, material, and information 
are meant to be strong, Bible-based,  ministry for those 

very serious about fighting cancer and being healed.

We rejoice also that God's Grace and Power can and does come at times
 to individuals and in meeting's to heal and deliver people from cancer instantly.
 God is Good !

This material and the prayers are designed to remove the spiritual, 
generational, root cause of cancer so that it doesn't keep coming back
 in you or coming down generationally  to your children . 

Private, counseling appointments concerning cancer
are available on a donation, expenses basis.

by Rev. Richard & Rev. Joy McIlvaine    
P.O. Box 315 - Issaquah, WA USA 98027     


Prayers for healing of cancer, please say out loud !

Jesus,  Have mercy on me!"  

Have mercy,  Have mercy! Have mercy on me!

Heavenly Father, I come to you now in the name of Jesus. 

I ask you to reveal yourself to me;

I invite you to come into my life, my heart, my soul, and my body.

I give you permission to minister to me; I open my heart to you and cry out for your
 mercy and grace to come to me now, I ask You to speak to me ( Matthew 4:4).

I need you, I ask you Holy Spirit to come to me now to reveal your love, 
your Presence and your healing power in my life.

You said in Your Word that "mercy triumphs over judgment"; (James 2:13) 
So Heavenly Father I ask You for Your Mercy to come now and reveal and remove
any and all judgments in my life that may be enabling cancer in my body or keeping You 
from granting me repentance and forgiveness of any sin or judgments that may be hindering
my healing and deliverance. 
Heavenly Father, I cry out -  "deliver me from evil !"

I humbly come before you acknowledging that I have fallen short of your perfect will
for my life and I ask you now to forgive me of my sins and my past family line of their sins
and to set me free from any effects of sin in my life.
I ask you to forgive me now of any lawlessness in my life, any self-willed life style, any self-centered  ambitious lifestyle, any self-ambition pride.  Forgive me now of  in any way trying to be God  by controlling circumstances, controlling the outcome of events, controlling events
in my life and other people's lives, or trying to control the future.

Forgive me for saying things like "I'll never this or that" or "I will be this or that" or "that will never happen to me", or  "I'll never get cancer" or any other any type of the "I will" type of statements found in James 4:13-16 as if I were God and could control my life or others' lives or the future.
I renounce any self-will pride, selfish ambition and lawlessness and anything and everything that is not pleasing to you God and ask you to reveal any such thing to me and set me free from it.

I ask you Heavenly Father to forgive my past family generations of the sin of pride and self-willed ambition; forgive them Father, they didn't know what they were doing.

I receive the precious blood of Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins and ask you,
Jesus, to wash me with the water of your Word, transforming,  renewing and regenerating me.

Heavenly Father, I ask you now in Jesus' Name to come and touch me, heal me,
deliver me from this cancer, set me free from all sickness and affliction. 

I receive your mercy, your love, your forgiveness and your power and your healing in my body now as a gift from you because  Jesus already paid for my healing on the cross.
Thank you Father in Jesus Name!      

Declare the words of the section below strongly, with boldness and force and authority!
In the name of Jesus, I break all the power of Satan to come and steal, kill, and destroy my life
and command Satan and all his attacks to go from me now! 
In the name of Jesus Christ I bind up the strongman of death, and rob his house of every evil thing as Jesus said, I rebuke the spirit of cancer, Leviathan,  infirmity, fear and every evil thing and loose it from me and give it no place. I bind up every operation| of the spirit of cancer & Leviathan to steal my blood to feed the cancer and command every blood vessel supplying blood to the cancer cells or tumors to be cut off, shrink, dissolve and removed.

It is written, "Behold I have given you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all
the power of the enemy, and nothing shall be any means harm you." (Luke 10:19) 
So, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,  "the Lord rebuke you Satan", "the Lord rebuke you Satan" , "the Lord rebuke you Satan", Go, Go, Go from me now and do not return! ( See Jude 1:9 ) In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I loose all the judgments of sin,  of the sin of pride and self-will off my life now, being set free from sin and it's judgments by the Blood of Jesus. Yes, Amen !

I rebuke death, I rebuke you cancer, I rebuke you Leviathan  ( Job 41:34 ) , 
I rebuke you from harming me, I rebuke you from stealing my blood to feed this cancer
and command you to stop, desist now and I command  you to go from me, from my body,
my life and do not return.

In the name of Jesus, I break every generational curse of pride, selfish ambition, and lawlessness
off of me, my family, my children, their children and forever and break the power of any 
and all ungodly influences being passed down to me and my children.

Jesus, I ask you to come to me now, Lord stretch out your hand to heal me,
I receive your love and healing power flowing into my body now.
Jesus, lead me into your perfect will, your abundant life, I will follow You ,
Your will be done in my life, not mine anymore! You be God, You be my Master, My Lord, My King!

 I repent from leading a life of my self-will, I ask you to reveal Your Will for my life, Your destiny
 for me, Your purpose for creating me, Your plans...... " that you may prove what the
 Will of God is, that which is Good, Acceptable and Perfect."  ( Romans 12: 2  )

Thank you Heavenly Father in Jesus Name' !!!  Amen, Amen, and Amen !!!!
*** Pray this Prayer for Healing from Cancer every day for at least 21 days
for a break though !!!  ( See Daniel 10:13 ) 

Pray this out of your heart and spirit with forcefulness and 
confidence and eventually let it flow more and more in your own words and heart.  

Additional Scriptures to read and meditate on :

Proverbs 3: 7,8:  "Fear the Lord and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your body and refreshment to your bones."

See James 3:16  to see why your repentance is a key to your healing - the "disorder" and the "every evil thing" here "is the cancer attacking you", all selfish ambition, all self-will, all " I " this and " I ", controlling people, controlling situations,controlling family members,  self-determination, etc. must go!
See Isaiah 14: 13-15 - the allegory of the "5 I will's" that God judges )

See James 4:13 - 17:   - Read and mediate on these verses - a key - you changing to : "If the Lord wills, we shall...." is my  "GodCare"  prescription to be filled for your healing! ( copyrighted slogan)  

See Jonah 3:10 and Jonah 4:2 to see God's compassion and loving kindness when we repent 
and like John the Baptist declared, "Bring forth fruit in keeping with repentance. Matthew 3:8

See James 5: 15 & 16 to see the need to confess any sin as it relates to your healing !
We recommend you to ask someone close to you to lovingly share with you if ever they notice
you trying to control the outcome of events, trying to control them or others so that you can 
immediately turn away from that and give over control to King Jesus, our Lord & Master.

An Important Key to Healing and Word of Encouragement for those Fighting Cancer !

We want to reemphasize the great importance of deep, deep, repentance from any self-willed lifestyle, selfish ambition lifestyle, the controlling of circumstances, the controlling of people, the controlling of outcomes of situations,  trying to control the future,  trying to control the actions of other people, etc.  These are usually very difficult, if not almost impossible for someone to recognize in themselves and they need the loving help of someone close to them to share with them about this being evident, strongly happening in their life.It is hard to accept the fact that we may be a very controlling person and living a self-willed, self determination lifestyle but we need to stop and think about our actions and our words on a moment by moment basis and examine ourselves to see how we operate. Are we always "letting go" and trusting God to be in charge and control,  or taking control to make things happen the way we want it to be without seeking God's Will about the situation and our life?  Were our parents controlling and always determining their own life and our life without praying and seeking to know God's Will ?God's Love and Blessings come as  we constantly seek a lifestyle of  seeking to know God's Will for our daily lives, saying in our hearts and lives like Jesus, " Not my will Father, but Your Will be done".  Seeking to live constantly a lifestyle of doing what Jesus said to do - "Follow Me", seeking to know His plans, His destiny, His desires for our daily life.    As we do this, we come into Divine order in our lives and our body and cells respond also and come into Divine order, they live when they are to live and die when they are to die, stopping cancer.  " Jesus died for all, that they who live should no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf." 2 Corinthians 5 : 15

We understand that there are other causes of cancer such as smoking, ultraviolet sunlight rays,  chemical exposures, drugs, etc.  Yet outside of those reasons,  we consistently see year after year, person after person,  this being a major issue in their lives, or the lives of their past generations that has now passed down to them.  

Where we have seen real sorrow and real deep repentance and the asking of God for forgiveness in these areas for them and their past generations, we have seen the cancer stop in its tracks and retreat, and stay that way. 
Also, we have seen many times an initial repentance, etc. for the sake of being healed and living with the wonderful result of  the cancer shrinking, be undetectable, stop, etc. and then unfortunately after the good reports and time of being healed  the person returning to that self-willed, controlling, selfish ambition lifestyle choices only to see the cancer come back even stronger and faster than before. 

So, please pray about and discern in your own situation these things.

There are exceptions to this being the cause of the cancer in a person, of course. 

A Scripture you can stand on for any radiation, Chemo, or other treatments not to harm you or poison you is: Mark 16:18b: to believe, confess ( Romans  10: 8-10 ) and thank Him for these medicines being blessing and health to your body!  
( Updated  January , 2015 )

Please send us your Comments and Testimony's from this healing ministry !

( Also we encourage you to read  Dr. Colbert's book -  7 Pillars of Health !!! )

Thank you for your supporting this ministry's continuing work !

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