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Cancer Healing Testimony


Testimony of Healing of Cancer   


by Constantine Noh, Seoul, Korea  Oct 30, 2013

Translated from Korean to English by KangMoo Choi, Seoul, Korea

Edited by Richard McIlvaine to clarify translation.

Testimony was shared personally with Richard McIlvaine in October, 2013 in Korea also.


1. The season of first discovering I had Cancer.  


       In June, 2009, about one month after being discharged from military service (all Korean men should serve military for a while), I felt severe pain in my lower back. I went to an orthopedic clinic and got treatment several times but the pain got worse day by day. 


       One day in June, I had to go to emergency in a hospital due to the pain and got a notice that I was diagnosed in the last stage of blood cancer after all the tests like CT, X-ray, urine examination and blood test, etc. Because I was healthy and did not have any slight sickness in ordinary times, I was shocked by the notice that I had cancer. 

I was hospitalized for a more detailed examination in Seoul National Hospital which is one of the best hospitals in Korea and the President of the Cancer Institute of the hospital became my doctor. 


       The pain intensified with the cancer and I felt my body was torn and burning. The pain got worse and worse. Even though I lost weight, I could not wear my underwear pants because the cancer in my belly had grown big. At the hospital I was given pain-killers like morphine, without limit. I could get sleep only when I got the pain-killer and got off from the pain for a while. 


       After all the detailed examination, the doctor told my parents that it was a serious situation. The possibility I would die is very high. He had a patient who had the same cancer last year and lost him finally. 


       One day, I woke up with pain in the night while I was in the hospital. Maybe the nurse forgot to give me the pain-killer that night. It was about 2 :00 clock in the morning. Strangely, I felt I would die. I felt I would die in a week. I had such extreme pain that I would go to the restroom to wash my face to try to reduce the pain. When I saw my face in the mirror, I felt sorry for myself. I was sad that I would die in my twenties and I have not done anything in this world. I was more painful for futility, helplessness and fear of death. I had no ability to change even the smallest things. Human being is like a mere dust. 


      When I came back to my bed, all of a sudden one thought came up in my mind, "Is God punishing me to change my character and habit now?"  As I said, I was not a Christian at the time. I even cursed Christians and wrote malicious comments on internet against Christians and insulted those who preached in the street. I once hated my uncle who tried to convert me and I went to his church and disturbed the worship service. I was a vicious anti-christian. 


       I loved to study physics, biology and history. I proclaimed "There is no God" !  I was an atheist without a question. I did drink alcohol, smoke, fight, lie, disobey my parents and fell into lewdness and all other bad things. I was ruined by them actually. 

I was smart when I was young. I stood out in every area. I could do things faster and easier. I could be on top without effort. People told me that I could be successful if I would stop drinking, smoking, fighting and watching porn. But no one could change me because I did not listen to anyone like my parents, teachers, elders and any kind of authorities. I did everything what I wanted. Even I threatened people with knife to attain what I wanted. That was me, but ironically the thought came in my mind, "God is punishing me to change my character and habit and give me a new life" ?  It did not make any sense to me, but I was sure about this. 




        The next day, the doctor said to my parents, "I will give some medicine to your son. I am not sure he will live with this treatment. I had a patient who had the same cancer and got this treatment, but he died after short period." I did not receive it, however, and told him that I will live. Nine months later, I was totally healed from the cancer and came back to normal life. The doctor told me it was a miracle. He showed me a picture of my cancer, the cancer had spread to every part(s) of my body except the brain and heart. I was totally healed but I did not become a Christian. I did not accept Jesus at that time. I went to a Catholic church when I was in the hospital because if I wanted to attend my grandmother's funeral, I should convert to be a Catholic. My baptism name was Michael.


2. I became a Christian (January, 2013)


        In June, 2010, I started to work for a Music Institute, "The Live Army" ( Seoul , Korea) . The owner was Terry whom I knew from the past. Of course all of the members were not Christians except one. By some miraculous happenings, all of members started going to to Overflowing Church. I will tell the story later because it is too long here. 


       Anyway, when I went to the church the fourth time, I received a revelation and the gift of speaking in tongues from the Lord. I experienced that God exists actually. I saw a vision of a panorama film that showed why I was born in these circumstances, why I have this character, why I had these experiences, what things were to come and what I should do, etc. All of sudden, this strange language came out of my mouth. I thought I spoke in Korean but what I spoke was a different language. Later I found out that this was a gift of speaking in tongues. I became a Christian and started to live in grace and with a thankful heart. 


3. A Second Cancer Appears (November 2011)


      Even though I became a Christian, my character was not changed. Also I did not know about the teachings and words in the Bible. I did not want to study the Bible words or change my character but wanted to focus on supernatural experiences. I disliked the so called  "Christian lifestyle"  and thought that it was ridiculous. I just had a simple glimpse of God but did not know about the real meaning of the cross of Jesus Christ. I chose some parts of the Bible verses that I liked. I felt some of the Words in 1st Corinthians, Hebrews, and Romans were lame. I ignored living a sound life regulated by my own self-control. I drank every day, watched porn, spoke violent words and told a lie easily. 


     One day, I could feel some lump in my belly while I was taking a shower. I had never felt this kind of thing but it was there. I was worried about this so that I searched this symptom on internet. And I found that it could be a malignant tumor. I went to a hospital nearby and took an ultrasound test. The doctors recommended me to go to a bigger hospital for further examination because it seemed like cancer. I went back to the same hospital that I was treated at before for the first time I got cancer. Entering the lobby of the hospital, I was sad because I thought I would not come back out of here. 


      I took my 1st CT test and my doctor told me it seemed to be cancer. I also took a PET CT test which is a test for only cancer. The result was 99.9999%  positive for cancer. 


      I had cancer again" ? I was frustrated deeply. The doctor said, "It seems you got cancer again. Prepare to be cured. "We should give you medicine of a double dose than before because your body developed tolerance from the first treatment."  I came back home after setting a date for a further examination to determine what kind of cancer it was. 


      After that, I remembered Rev. Richard McIlvaine whom I met about 2 months ago and also the prayers for cancer that he mentioned. I searched his website  ( ) and found the prayers for cancer called "Prayers for healing of Cancer."   It said there would be a breakthrough on the 21st day if we pray every day this prayer. I prayed with this prayer morning, afternoon and night. I can not speak or write in English but can hear and read so that I read this in English. Not only did I read these prayers, but meditated on the Bible verses in the prayer. As I read and meditated on the verses, I realized why I got cancer again. I have lived my life according to my own will, I have tried to do things by myself, I had come back to my former unsaved life even though I had received and tasted of God's grace...... all of my sinful life for the last one year was shown exactly in the prayers on the website. I sincerely prayed and repented from my sin with all my heart and tears. 


      After 21st days since I prayed the prayers, I was laid on a surgery bed to have a biopsy and take out some tumors. The doctor told me that he would take out the big tumors with surgery and then cure the small things that seemed to be spreading to the other parts of the body with chemo and radiation.   


      Awakening from the anesthesia, I heard what the surgeons were talking to one another, saying, "This is surely cancer". "Yeah, I think so. It is 100% positive."  As I heard what they said, I was really disappointed. I said,  "Oh, no!!! It is still there in spite of the prayers."


      When I lay down on my bed in my hospital room that night, I felt a Satanic attack in my spirit. I was wrapped up with fear and became negative. I was scared. "There's no God".

I would die like this eventually. 


       However, I wanted to hold on to my faith and prayed again, saying,"I will pray until I am healed." I kept praying and praying, and repented of my faults from my heart. 


       The next day, 22nd day, I asked my doctor, "I am just curious that there's any chance I do not have cancer."  He told me that he could not say anything for now because he did not have the entire result of the test.  I kept asking him, "I just want to know your personal opinion. Is there any possibility that it is not cancer in common knowledge?" He said to me, "No, there is no chance. It is 99.999% cancer."  I was disappointed again by his answers. I came back home after scheduling 2 weeks later for chemo and radiation therapy. 


       For one more week, I did not stop praying. It is already passed over 30 days since I started the prayers on the website. After 40 days, it was one day before I would go to hospital. I had a dream at night. In my dream, I saw what would happen the next day in the hospital. I went to the hospital and went into the doctor's office when they called my name. He told me the final test result, saying "It is not Cancer."  I woke up and it seemed to be so real. 


      The next morning I went to hospital with my friend. In the waiting room waiting for them to call my name, I could not relax myself but worried even though I had the dream. Calling my name, I went into the doctor's office just like in the dream. He showed me a chart and hesitated to say something. He rested his chin on his hand and had a puzzling face. I thought, "It is cancer. The dream is just a dream."   But, he said, "Um ....the results of CT, PET, and Biopsy are diagnosed as cancer ..... it has all the characters of cancer".... He showed the puzzling face one more time and said, "It has all the characters of cancer, but strangely it is NOT CANCER. I have never seen anything like this."


      As soon as I heard what he said, I already had a trumpet sound of victory in my head. It had happened exactly the same as in my dream. He was a Professor of the Cancer Center in the biggest hospital in Korea. He had been a doctor for over 20 years and was recognized as a specialist in this area. He said, "It is not cancer. I do not understand it." 


   Hahaha ......"You may go back home. We will keep watching this, but I think you have no problem now."  "Let's wait and see for a few more months." He let me go back home. What he said is the result of the test is surely cancer. It is showed on the PET CT test that picks up only cancer. It is surely cancer with modern medical theory. But, in a result of one test, it showed it is not cancer so that it is finally not cancer. It appears cancer but is not actual cancer. The Doctor and all the advanced equipment are sure it is cancer, but the final result is that it is NOT CANCER. 


       I felt like in a test where I wrote the answers for the questions in the wrong places. I knew it and the grader knows it, but anyway I got 100% on the test. It is an unbelievable situation. I believed more about God's greatness and that He exists. I believed this supernatural phenomenon that looks so unreal and such an unreasonable incident.  


      The reason I give this testimony is that I could prove this incident is true and real to those who heard or read this. I want to share this because I got grace from Him and to give hope to those who are now in the same difficult situation. 

( Matthew 10:8 : Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give") 


        I want to tell my brothers and sisters in Christ. I was disappointed because the cancer was not disappeared even though I had prayed for 21 days. However, I prayed holding my faith. I prayed every day and every moment, meditating on the Bible verses in my prayers.  


        I want to tell you something, now it is 2 years since all this happened.

Actually, I let people fighting cancer around me know about these prayers but only one other person and I got healed from cancer. I know why after 2 years later, it is very important. 


       The core value of these "Prayers for healing of Cancer" is not in the prayer itself, but in repentance, reading and meditating on the healing Bible verses. 


       We should repent our sins whole heartedly. This is not a magic or spell. I realized I could not be healed when I just read this prayer. Without repenting nor meditating of Words, those who only just memorize these prayers cannot be healed. But, I read these prayers, meditated on the Scriptures and repented with tears sincerely. With the repentance, I held the faith that I would be healed and kept praying until I was healed. I might give up. I was in the situation that all the updated techniques and equipment said that it was cancer and the well-known doctor that had over 20 years of experience said also it was cancer. However, God is above all the situation and able to make world's knowledge and experiences nothing. ("The Lord knows that the thoughts of the wise are futile" 1 Corinthians 3:20). 


       Brothers and sisters, do not just trust in the knowledge of this world but trust in God only. For no Scriptures from God will ever fail (Luke 1:37). 


        I want to say it again. Trust and trust in Him. Pray and proclaim it with faith. Meditate and repent with your whole heart. The Lord loves us. I pray that love, blessings and grace from Jesus Christ will over flow to you my brothers and sister in the world.


From Constantine Noh (facebook:/constantinenoh), Seoul, Korea

November , 2013




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