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Recommendations :


Recommendations for Rev. Richard and Rev. Joy McIlvaine *
 * Please note, Written and E-Mail Recommendations, dated, printed out from E-mail Providers, and in file records.



from Pastor Sung Hoon Baek, Yeahyang Church, YangJu,Korea


Thank you for visit again Yeahyang church. We had anointing festival, in addition.

I pray grace and peace be with you. "> wrote:



"Hi ! Pastor, have you arrived home safely ? It was so wonderful time with you last two weeks. God has done so many things through you. You are so kind and nice to SOI students especially to my church members. We all never forget your powerful ministry in 2012 class. I'm sure that you will continue to pray for my church. We are connecting together in His presence. Please give me your prophetic words for me and my church anytime. I wish you have a wonderful season with your lovely wife Joy and children. God bless you and your family. "
"Since I've met you, I am believing His supernatural Word and work as you taught me and my people in SOI class. I am awakened from dogma and theology which couldn't bring me to real gospel. This morning I heard your recorded lecture while I was driving. 
Everyday I want to enter His presence as like you."


 Your sincere brother Senior Pastor Sung Joo Lee ,   May 16, 2012
Two Wings Healthy Church - Jin Kwang Church,   
Myeong Mok Dong, Joon Rang - Gu , Seoul, Korea 131-831   


 "I've known Richard and Joy McIlvaine for over 25 years, I have witnessed many miracles, healing's and prophetic words given through the work of the Holy Spirit. In every stratum there are two constants; use of the Word of God for the basis of teaching and directing the individual to look to Jesus and His finished work. In this day and age this level of selflessness and integrity are truly hard to find."

      Rev. Jody Carter, Foursquare Pastor, Seattle,WA USA,  October 30, 2010


" Having known Rick and Joy for over the past 20 years I have personally witnessed their love for Jesus and passion to see lives transformed by the Holy Spirit as God uses them to minister prophetically to His people.  They walk in integrity and in compassion to bring healing and refreshing with joy where ever they go.  They have a desire to see the Body of Christ equipped in the realm of the supernatural believing the Kingdom of God is not just words only but with demonstration and power.  I recommend them wholeheartedly & without reservations. "

      Rev. Greg Daley, Vice President International Fellowship of Ministries , Associate Pastor at Seattle Revival Center

      Founder of Fire of His Love Ministries,   Seattle WA USA ,   November 5, 2010



"Rick and Joy are very humble and annointed servants of God!  My husband Jerry and I have known them for over 16 years and highly recommend their ministry.  I remember Rick teaching a Holy Spirit School at the church we were attending and I became so much more aware of the gifts of the Spirit through the prophetic and healing ministry.  I beleive my prophetic gift was activated and encouraged through Rick's ministry, 

We have worked with Rick and Joy in the Divine Healing Rooms -Seattle Eastside several years ago and saw many people touched and healed emotionally, spiritually and physically through this ministry.  We enjoyed Rick's teachings on healing and the impartation times before ministry.  I also traveled to Korea with Joy and it was one of the most awesome times of outreach ministry that I have experienced.  Rick has worked very effectively with the Korean pastors and people to give them an awareness and openess to the power of the Holy Spirit through teaching and impartation.

Rick and Joy are truly God's servants, listening to His voice and being guided by the Holy Spirit." 

Penny (and Jerry) Zelinsky ,     Seattle,WA USA  ,  January 1, 2011




"When Richard and Joy McIlvaine first ministered in Korea in 1997,

there was some confusion about the works of the Holy Spirit in the Korean churches. 

With their sensitivity to the Spirit and their sound teaching, we now have a better understanding of the Kingdom's presence. 
As they pressed into the Spirit, they helped us grow closer to the spiritual world and as they have matured with the Spirit, we have gained ground for the Kingdom.
I have been very blessed with their sincere prayer life and discipline before the Lord.
I highly recommend these ministers in any ministry setting, whether it is a large or small group,

established or just beginning ministry in the Holy Spirit."

Rev. Dayoung Kimn,  Impartation Ministries International , Seattle, WA , USA   &  Seoul, Korea , November 22, 2010


" Pastor's Rick and Joy McIlvaine ministered faithfully in a high level of integrity at Seattle Revival Center for five years as a Para-church ministry.  Both walk in a wonderful dimension of healing and minister in God's love.  I have always known them to be tenderhearted and compassionate towards the sufferings of others.  Their faith for healing coupled with the compassion they minister in has brought hundreds if not thousands to healing and wholeness.  I highly recommend their ministry to your organization."

       Pastor Gail Fleming , Seattle, WA USA ,  November 1, 2010


"I have had the privilege of ministering alongside Richard in Korea and watched as the hand of God used Him to bring life to these dear people. Richard and his wife have a precious anointing which not only carries a powerful anointing, but a tremendous presence of the Lord wherever they go. I highly recommend Richard and Joy in any venue knowing with confidence that the voice and presence of God will be with them and poured out through them!"

     Rev. Vince Mercardante , Father Speaks Ministries,  , Georgia, USA, November 1, 2010


" I met pastor Richard back in June of 2010 in Lima, Peru.

He was one of our invited guest speakers for the Peruvian Pastor's Conference

hosted by COJ  -  " Children of Jesus International " .

Pastor Richard's sweet and gentle spirit touched so many pastors, staff and even other speakers.

His message was no other than the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We witnessed the power of Holy Spirit manifested through pastor Richard 

as he prayed for many sick and hurting people.

And our Father God was glorified greatly!

Thank you pastor Richard for your complete obedience to our Lord."

Rev. James Lee, COJ International, Denver, CO, USA ,  December 22, 2010  , 


"I met Richard in Busan, Korea. I observed his great love for the people and his grace during times of impartation.
 This however, paled in comparison to the faith and simplicity by which he lives his life.
 Everyone should have their lives touched by a man like this at least once in their life. 
You were created for greatness!"   November 2, 2010

     Rev. John Garcia Jr., PhD.  Legacy Church Lead Pastor  , Tampa , Florida, USA


" I would most heartedly recommend Richard & Joy McIlvaine because they are the most humble and mature in the Lord that I have ever met and witnessed in my lifetime.  They are constantly seeking the Father's face, praying and fasting and asking where Jesus is moving and going and wanting to do.  They do not have man's intentions, but God's heart for His people with the Father's Love and compassion. 

Richard & Joy McIlvaine walk in a high calling and consistently maintain high principles, such as confidentiality, ethics, integrity and financial standards. 

I have personally and closely known Richard & Joy McIlvaine for over 7 years and strongly recommend their ministry.  Thank you for being an example and showing me the Love of the Father and healthy family relationships. God bless you both."

Cindy Manning, close friend to Richard & Joy McIlvaine,   November 8, 2010


" We have known Rev. Richard & Joy McIlvaine for over 13 years as our mentors, pastors and friends.

It is such a blessing to be witnesses to the men who pursuit the high calling of God with passion and integrity, living as what they teach and walking in the Fear of the LORD. 

We have seen them spending most of their time to worship Him, to seek His face, to love God wholeheartedly, and then they love people out of His love and the obedience to the Holy Spirit. 

What makes their ministry unique and precious is that people could experience God's presence and love in tangible way, and the changes by the work of the Holy Spirit has been taken place, not knowing when or how it happened. 

We've seen many people have been changed in their lives, healed, turned back to the Father, including Hyunsun's father healed from lung cancer through their ministry in 2006.

We, as Koreans, are thankful to God especially, pouring His Father's Heart to the Koreans in their hearts." 

Kangmoo & Hyunsun Choi, Seoul, Korea,  November 8, 2010




"I worked besides the Mcllvaines for 4 years as a member of the ministry team of the Divine Healing Rooms. It became apparent to me during those years the the Mcllvaines were truly annointed ministers in the kingdom of God,  and great revivalists of this day.

They are always kind and gentle in ministering to others and the sick. They walk with the Lord in intimacy and the utmost love and care for him. 

The priority in the ministry always being the presence of the Lord and his agenda!

The preaching and teachings were always biblically based with prophetic revelations. 

I saw many who were greatly blessed by their ministry and MANY Healed.  

My retired parents were mightily touched in their meetings and claimed healing's.

Even in their home life, Rick and Joy ministry beautifully to others, inviting people to come in for teaching meetings, (at that time)  The love of Christ is beautifully exampled in their marriage as well, as they so openly proclaim atheir love and appreciation one to another and their family.  Its just plain fun being around them!!!

I have considered it a privledge to know Rick and Joy and be with them in the work of the healing ministry @ Divine Healing Rooms of  Seattle - Eastside."

Nancy R Smith , Seattle, WA USA , December 2, 2010


"It's a great privilege to recommend a ministry which flows in the anointing, operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and is grounded in the Word, which are held together by agape Love of God.  Their relentless  pursuit of God's Presence and Glory not only benefits ministry it self but Even greater for those who are being ministered too.

I have known both pastor Richard and Joy McIlvaine for 8+ years, and they haven been great blessing in my life and countless others.

Yong-Jin Rhee, Ottawa, Canada

"Rev. Richard McIlvaine is a true man of God, someone who not only teaches the true word of God, but also living the word of God.

 He has influenced not only my life but the life of many Korean Christians as well."
Steve Baik, Korean Translator, Korea & Vancouver, BC, Canada,  October 31, 2010

"The Lord and the bride of Christ are always the focus of this ministry.  God first and the preparation of the body of Christ for Jesus a close second. The preparation of the bride: encouragement, healing, impartation of gifts of the Holy Spirit, preparation for ministry evangelism, intercession, teaching.  There is such a fullness of the presence of God in all that Rick and Joy McIlvaine touch.  Souls are revived, bodies healed.  The ministry is personal, full of compassion, yet never deviating from the word of truth.  Wow! What more can one say!  I personally love this ministry."Sherry Steward, Seattle, WA , USA, October 31, 2010

"It has been five years now since I was healed from cataracts in the Divine Healing Rooms, Seattle, Washington. Looking back now, it was a divine appointment. I lived in NC and had a business trip to Seattle that summer 2005. My wife used to spend time in the internet; one day she said, "Honey, I found healing rooms in Seattle." There were several in Seattle areas, but I picked Rev. Richard Mcilvaine, not knowing who he was, and of course, I had never met him before. 
Today I learned that the Divine Healing Rooms no longer exist according to the web-site and the ministry changed its shape and format; Richard seems to be very busy traveling and ministering at various parts of the world as well as in the U.S. Congratulations, Richard. 
I was prayed over in my church in NC, but no healing came and I refused to go to cataract surgery although I was a professor at one of the top ranking academic medical centers in the U.S.  I believe that sometimes you need extra prayers from anointed ones. My healing was supernatural and to this day I am free of cataract. My faith is firm and I am awed with almighty healing power of God. 
I would highly recommend Richard & Joy Ministries and I pray continued success of their ministries. "
Terry Yoshizumi, PHD, Hillsborough, NC USA ,   November 1, 2010



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