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Some of the Visions and Dreams 
from the Lord to Richard McIlvaine

1979  - Vision of Jesus' Crucifixion - details of the crucifixion - crown of thorns pushed down hard on His head  by two soldiers on either side of Him, a very, heavy big robe dropped down upon His back, intended to hurt, nails going into His hands, not the wrists, etc.

1980  - Vision of Jesus Christ, in Spirit bodily form,  - my living room, extending His Hands out and calling myself and another brother who saw Him too, to come under His Hands for prayer, no words spoken and we both walked over to where He was standing and knelled under His hands, me under His left hand.

1981 - Vision of Jesus Christ, coming in Spirit bodily form - church office during internship work, Jesus spoke and said, " Ask Me any question ? " , I was going to ask Him when His Return was, but thought a moment, realized what a special, unique moment that may never come again this was, and decided to use this visit to just say, " I love you Jesus",  which I did, then He was gone without saying anything.

1982 - Vision of Jesus Christ as He looked on earth when He was here - my house, Vision started with Mary looking for Him at the tomb, then changed to me looking through the eyes of Mary up at His Face, as she wept and took hold of His feet. Mary was definitely touching and holding Jesus' feet in this Vision.
Jesus' Face did not look like any of the paintings we see today, His face was very soft and babyish looking, so much so that it is now easy to understand Isaiah 53: 2-3 - speaking of Jesus, " He has no stately form or majesty that we should look upon Him, nor appearance that we should be attracted to Him. He was despised and forsaken of men." 

1984 -  Vision - Grey Church divided by God's Hand into 2 parts either Black or White.

1985 - Vision of  America  -  in the sky, above the expanse of America below, very high up, a multitude of Tornadoes over mid-west America, saw a huge 50+ high foot, very lengthy, Tidal Wave hit the middle of the West Coast of America, ended seeing a large Conventional War on American soil.

1986 - Vision of Jesus Christ, in Spirit bodily form, appearing in the church where we pastored, during a prayer meeting for an evangelists crusade in Africa, with two couples present, Jesus again standing across the room, calling again for the same brother - the evangelist present, and myself to come under His outstretched hands. We both walked over again without saying any words to each other and knelled down under His hands. He spoke one sentence about the church leadership, then left.

1986/1987 - Vision of a Trumpet Call - faint then very loud - some hear and follow, some don't hear.

Feb 21, 1989 -  3 hour Visitation of the Holy Spirit taking me through the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation speaking of a future warning to the church to  "Flee", "Escape"  Babylon.

Dec. 31, 1989 -  Dream of what is experienced by those falling into hell, the huge pit in the earth.

1989 -  Vision of experiencing in many different forms things speeding up and being rough and bumpy and then smoothing out and being enjoyable and exhilarating: a motorcycle, a speed boat, a fighter jet, skiing down a slope, a car, etc.

1991  - Vision -  Seeing place and scene one after another revealing what physical Babylon is in the Lord's eyes,  a revelation of Babylon in the Bible being one thing with 3 parts - physical, political and spiritual.

September 9, 1990 - Vision and then speaking the Vision while seeing it for  about 1 hour at the end of a  Sunday church service of the Last Days Revival  & Move of God -  " Being the church, not just going to church "  Miracles, Healing, etc. directed by the Lord out in the world - in Schools for the Deaf, Schools of the Blind, hospitals, etc.

June 24, 1991 - Dream - Joy, shouts of joy coming from God's people 
experiencing the joy of fleeing away from Babylon - leaping and dancing, rejoicing going down a path away from Babylon.

July 11, 1993  -  Vision of the Healing of the Body of Christ, Five-Fold Ministers, and God coming to be Our Shield from all the arrows of the enemy. 

July 15, 1995  - Vision - going to the Throne Room of God and seeing the Glory of God, clearly seeing the Face of the Father God and hearing the Holy Spirit reveal God's plan to show the church His Glory, His Face, to transform the church into the Bride of Christ - a Bride without spot or winkle, changed by God's Glory. The fulfillment of  the Scriptures in  2 Corinthians 3: 7-18 and Isaiah 60: 1-2.

May 17, 2004  - Dream - Prayer for a boy with cancer and seeing the spirit of Cancer come out of him
in the form similar to a attacking alligator.

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